Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"After College"

Step 1: Graduate.  Step 2?
I'm blessed to have the opportunity to move cross country in this economy, I know that now.  Many of my friends still hunger for employment, and most struggle to find their new life after college.  What a funny transition we all make: each step of our lives meticulously planned out until that ambiguous "after college."  Suddenly the support groups of sorority sisters, roommates, and boyfriends are no longer right around the corner in the opposite dorm.  We must again learn how to make friends, meet people, and interest ourselves in hobbies outside of our major. 

I'm a new girl in town, and I want to document the struggles and successes to replant and restart.  

I also want to talk about bicycles!  Unexpectedly, my new life revolves around bicycles - specifically vintage, classic bicycles. 

Courtesy of Emily

I don't know much yet about building a new life or taking apart a bicycle.  (Why don't they teach those classes in college?)  This blog is about exploring that journey.

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